TOKYO, May 17, 18:30 – Business Without Borders

Did you know that it only takes 15 minutes to create a 100% digital company in Estonia online, without a notary and paperless?

As the founder of a start-up company, an entrepreneur, or an enterprising person, you may want to learn more about the role of a digital company in the EU, how to manage it remotely, or the Estonian startup ecosystem. If so, this event is just for you!

On May 17th, from 18:30 to 21:00, Estonia – a digital country – is pleased to invite you to an event where you can travel with us through Estonia. Estonia has produced the most unicorns per capita in Europe, and you can learn how to open an EU digital company in Estonia through e-Residency. You can also enjoy enlightening conversations with Estonia’s most successful startups, all of which will be taking place in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Join Shibuya Startup Support, Oliver Ait, Estonian Business and Investments officer in Tokyo, Angela Ventsel – CEO of estx, an e-Residency service provider – and Shin Kimura, co-founder of totonoü and an e-resident, to learn more about Estonia and how it is possible to do borderless business regardless of your location.

Business without borders: e-Residency

 May 17, 18:30 Tokyo

Paperless. Bureaucracy free. 100% online.

Portal Point Shibuya
7F, 1-11-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Oliver Ait
Angela Ventsel
Shin Kimura


After the formal part of the event (at 19:30) there will be a networking event at Portal Point Rooftop, where there will be snacks and drinks and a good opportunity to exchange thoughts about Estonia and e-Residency.

It is also a good opportunity to meet and make contacts with successful Estonian start-ups – Auve Tech, which produces self-driving vehicles and sold the first vehicle to Japan in March 2023, and GIG-A, which offers fintech banking services, both of which are successful in the Japanese market.

Japanese in Estonia

“Totonoü, established in 2020, is a startup founded in Estonia by three Japanese sauna-enthusiasts. We mainly import barrel saunas and cabin saunas to the Japanese market, aiming to create “life with sauna” in Japan.

Despite the recent sauna trend, the number of saunas per population in Japan is not as large as in Finland or Estonia.

Totonoü now provides nordic-style private saunas in a modest price range, and is contributing to the spread of sauna culture in Japan.”

Shin Kimura, Co-founder of totonoü

Read also about Emi’s experience of how Japanese freelancer became an entrepreneur with e-Residency!

Shibuya Startup Support

Shibuya Startup Support is an initiative led by the Tokyo Shibuya City Office to invite your startup business (whether in Japan or from abroad) to Shibuya to grow with us. Our team provides soft landing services, access to face-to-face advice, and the opportunity to connect you to local business opportunities.


Portal Point Shibuya
7F, 1-11-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


The event is hosted by the e-Residency service provider estx and the Shibuya Startup Support.

E-Residency is a state-issued digital identity that gives foreigners the opportunity to use Estonian e-services and allows them to do business remotely.