Additional Services Create Business Value

Additional Services Create Business Value

Key Services to Make Your Business Successful

Key Services to Make Your Business Successful

Company Formation

As a digitally advanced nation, Estonia offers unparalleled opportunities for both its citizens and e-residents to effortlessly establish a company within a matter of hours.

Establishing a company in a foreign country can often be a complex and time-consuming process. However, by engaging the services of an exceptional service provider, it can once again become a remarkable digital journey towards freedom.

We suggest opting for a limited liability company (OÜ) as the ideal business structure, requiring a minimum share capital of just 0.01 euros. A limited liability company is a widely recognized and favorable business form, particularly suitable for small enterprises. If you have a business idea and are considering starting your own company but feel unsure about the details of the registration process, our dedicated Customer Support representative, Agathe Vega, will assist you by addressing all your inquiries.

Legal Address & Contact Person

For companies operating outside Estonia, it is mandatory to have an Estonian legal address and a designated contact person.


As your chosen service provider, estx offers you a legal address and contact person service.

When establishing your company, we will provide you with an Estonian legal address, which can be utilized for official communication and legal documentation. Additionally, as your designated contact person, we act as the representative of your Estonian company before all state institutions, ensuring that all inquiries are forwarded to you promptly. We are always ready to assist you in finding effective solutions.


Accounting and administration play a vital role in the success of a company. As an entrepreneur, running a company entails managing a diverse range of activities that require your energy and focus.

Our accounting services cater to the needs of companies with international operations and those seeking the expertise of an experienced accounting team, all without the requirement of hiring a full-time specialist.

At estx, our dedicated accountants ensure seamless business management and accounting for your company, handling both regular and crypto-related accounting tasks with expertise. By relying on the documents you provide, our accountants handle your company’s monthly accounting tasks, assist in registering as a VAT payer (mandatory if the turnover exceeds 40,000 €), prepare and submit tax returns, generate annual reports (required once a year), manage monthly payroll, and provide balance sheets as profit and loss statements for your company.


Estonia stands out as a highly advanced digital society globally, while also being among the select few European countries that possess a dedicated license for cryptocurrency exchange and e-wallet providers. This license has attracted numerous leading cryptocurrency companies from across the globe to set up their operations in Estonia.

The Virtual Currency Service Provider’s license includes virtual currency exchange and virtual currency wallet service. This enables companies to provide their customers and partners with a wide range of services associated with virtual currency transactions. Additionally, the country’s favorable tax policy exempts cryptocurrencies, such as VAT, from special taxation. With limits on the size of investments in virtual currency, a well-defined legal framework, and low operating costs, this country emerges as the prime destination for conducting cryptocurrency business.

To ensure compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing measures (AML procedures), companies involved in exchanging cryptocurrency for cash are required to obtain a license from a virtual currency service provider.