Italian and Korean Women: Joint Venture

Starting a business abroad is similar in nature to starting a business at home – you need a proper business idea and business plan. Unlike other countries, setting up a company in Estonia is easier, bureaucracy free and it is possible to run a company without leaving the host country. Regardless of the location, two entrepreneurial e-residents Marta Dal Lago, who lives in Italy, and Rosella Sicuro, who lives in Korea, founded the company in Estonia.

Marta and Rosella met in Korea in 2015 and became great friends. From that moment on, they maintained their friendship, even though they lived in different countries at the same time. As Marta often visited Korea for work, they gradually realized that they both wanted to start a business. They realized that their multicultural roots, proficiency in several foreign languages, living in several European and Asian countries, have given them the openness and ability to approach different projects in a multicultural way. They found that it was the background and strengths of their experience that helped them build a strong women-led company.

From Friendship to Business

The business environment depends in a large part on law and there are inevitably different legal aspects, including familiarity with the law and Living in different countries and wanting to operate internationally, they quickly realized that it’s necessary to find a way to run their business most conveniently without having to be in a particular country. When Marta worked in Singapore and Korea, she heard about Estonia and e-Residency through the start-up community. In doing so, they realized that Estonia is the best place to start a business journey. The latter precisely because allowing them the freedom to choose their place of residence and run their business regardless of the location of their head office. According to them, the advantages of doing business in Estonia are definitely being European, and also when starting to deal with European products, it also meant that the company must be registered in Europe. Estonia offered them a secure system to remotely manage their business and use excellent e-services. In 2020, their dream came true thanks to the e-Residency program.

As knowledgeable women, they started their business project with a clear goal: to bridge East and West and to support customers in broadening their horizons both geographically and in terms of growth. In their actions, they follow intuition and passion, which aims to be a bridge between East and West, Europe and Asia. In addition, the co-founders of their project contribute with all their expertise and enthusiasm and want to move forward with their customers with professionalism and deep understanding.

Objective to Provide Quality Services

Their company EUDUNES aims to provide long-term quality services that they can be proud of. They provide consulting services to the private and public sectors, specializing in connecting East and West, Europe and Asia, and offering them to their customers project management of international projects, international customers relations management, business development for new markets and/or consolidation of new partnerships, market research and business opportunities evaluation and business strategies and business support.

In addition, they developed their own brand, Luna Mediterranea, which offers a range of organic herbal products selected for their healing and well-being properties. The brand they have created also offers a community platform with a special natural well-being, which is planned to be launched this spring in Europe and during the year in Korea and Asia.

Use the Crisis Wisely

Due to the global pandemic, people live in an uncertain world, but challenging times also offer many opportunities for those who overcome panic and discomfort in the face of these new realities. Their advice is, “Don’t dream, do it!”. Also, if you have already dreamed of running your own business, it means that deep down you felt called to live up to your purpose and tendencies. Although running a business is sometimes difficult and challenging, they encourage you to contact other entrepreneurs and ask them to be your mentors: they all started somewhere and will be happy to give you their knowledge and share useful tips.

They have not been affected by today’s economic crisis, but certainly the lack of free movement and declining customer demand have affected all European companies. They hope that there will soon be more freedom to meet their potential customers and more consumer confidence, which will increase overall demand, but in the meantime they must be resilient and creative to meet the new challenges. Above all, it is the key to the long-term survival of all companies: creativity and resilience.