Navigating Company Founding Across Borders

The sudden change in the rhythm of social as well as professional life is a challenge for all of us.

The streets that were just recently full of hustle and bustle now went silent. Co-working spaces are on the lockdown. For those who have their own business, it may look like that everything around has stopped and soon the business will come to a standstill.

However, SuccessHub encourages entrepreneurs not to stay still and to take advantage of the alternatives in order to keep up, and discover new opportunities.  Understanding today’s situation, successful entrepreneurs are taking a different approach and are moving businesses to the remote space. One way to do it is to form the company using e-Residency.

Some may ask: how forming a business in a foreign country can help?

Here are just a few examples on how SuccessHub already helped e-residents to become a remote business ready:

Italy: Smart digital country vs smart digital city. SuccessHub supports them on:

  • expanding their businesses;
  • going global;
  • becoming more digital.

Businesses in Japan through e-Residency have the opportunity for easy access to the EU market.

Entrepreneurs around the world are still having trouble predicting the magnitude, duration and exact impact of a virus outbreak on their financial results. No one was ready for that, there is no playbook to follow. However, having a flexible business model and a fast response to changing circumstances –  are considered to be some of the necessary features to keep the business up and running.

In China the industry’s struggles have created opportunities for larger entrepreneurs, who see a huge, opportunity after this crisis to buy a lot of their (investment portfolio) competitors at a very cheap price including biotech, medical device, and e-commerce businesses, CNBC reported.

However, investors tend to agree on some new businesses, such as fresh produce delivery will command higher valuations in the future given their multiples of sales growth in the last few weeks, as well as the health care, which, according to investors will also be a major focus for capital. That opportunity to boost the growth might be launched through e-Residency.

Furthermore, having a global business also means that the search of customers, partners, and talents doesn’t suppose to be restricted by country walls. SUCCESS HUB ESTONIA encouraged entrepreneurs to unlock the borders. We would know! Recently our own team welcomed the new member from India – a great specialist that has hands-on knowledge about company registration, banking, management, and other experience via e-Residency in Estonia. Next to the other advantages, this allows enriching the business, partnership, and team from a cultural point of view.

So don’t stay still, unlock the borders for the opportunities and let’s make YOU business ready with the SUCCESS HUB ESTONIA!