Promoting Business Growth: e-Resident Collaborations

At SuccessHub, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years of business management coupled with the diversity and international experience of our team. We thrive on the collaboration between entrepreneurial minds and diversity that comes with them.

It has been a great honor to work together with the e-residents from India and experience the fast, quality-based, unrestricted communication and free-flowing partnership.

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We recently had a leisurely/business trip to Tallinn, Estonia. We already knew about technological growth and a bit of Estonian culture. This was an opportunity to actually explore it. We are already e-residents and soon are going to establish a company  in Estonia with the support of SuccessHub

Opportunities in Estonia

While on our trip to Estonia we came across lots of opportunities. We got to know about this country whose initial history started with quick adaptability about some best trending technologies like blockchains and machine learning which are already in daily use. We studied it’s overall culture and described our experience as the country as a platform for launching tech ideas and products.

While in Tallinn, we meet Lilian Promet, the co-founder of SuccessHub Knowing about SuccessHub and connecting with them was of great help provided by Indo Baltic Chamber Of Commerce And Industry. We got an opportunity to work with SuccessHub team on their first product. While working with them I came across all the services that e-Residency actually provides and what are its benefits for building a startup in Estonia.

Providing quality work and making our first Estonian client happy SuccessHub offered us a collaborative partnership on web development and services. This helped us for promotion and futuristic projects to work together and grow together.

About Web Victory

We are a bunch of freelancers team with an aim to solve some tech issues or build a web app from scratch. Strong bonding and dedication to our work brought up a victory on web applications we made, and so “webVictory” was born.

webVictory as a startup took a way towards MERN and MEAN stack web development services. We follow the rapid app development process with a dedicated team working and focusing on a product and solving the problems quickly. We are small and follow lean methodology when it comes to managing staff. On the weekends, we provide training and do a lot of debates on different web development technologies and trending concepts like block-chain, machine learning, and deep learning. And importantly we enjoy what we do.

Contribution in Web Victory

My name is Erina Rodrigues and I`m the co-founder of Web Victory. I am a blend of two worlds Tech Education and Tech industry. After completing my masters in computer engineering I worked as an assistant professor in the field of computer science for some years. While in this process, I want to explore about actual working of technology and its impact in the industry. It was a difficult time for me to learn one of the most used web scripting technologies that is JavaScript in the mid year 2016-2017(it’s still the same as per stackoverflow survey).

While learning it I started working with a group of freelancers who used to give me some tasks. After a long list of failures at the start, I finally learned React.js. Currently I work on react, handle sprint and scrum meetings and accept the invitation for visiting faculty for engineering schools and colleges.