The Journey of a Lawyer Who Turned Entrepreneur

Lawyers are not stuck in their careers, in fact, many often find great success as entrepreneurs using their skills and talents to develop their own companies. Angela Ventsel is a passionate business promoter, changing the business landscape digitally on a global level, as a promoter of the borderless business. She is the co-founder at SuccessHub. […]

Engaging Entrepreneurship: SuccessHub

When people are passionate about what they do and are truly committed to their ideas, you can feel it as soon as they walk into the room. They are relentless, powerful, energetic. You can feel their determination. It’s contagious. And it’s exactly what I sense when the amazing female-empowerment duo of Angela Ventsel and Lilian […]

MilanoSweek Highlights: Cultural Delights

MilanoSweek: five days to reflect and seek new paths with the Milanese, or with those who live and contribute to the growth of the city and of the realities that interpret it best. The S of Milan is at the center of the debate: the Smart City, the Share Economy, the Sustainability, the Start-ups, the […]