Ukrainian Artist’s Nomadic Design Life

Meet Maria, a Ukrainian visual artist whose passion for art and adventure has led her on an extraordinary journey across Central America as a digital nomad. For the past eight years, Maria has been living her dream, creating beautiful custom tattoo designs and hand-drawn illustrations while embracing the freedom of a location-independent lifestyle.

The Birth of Homo Bohemian

Maria’s journey as an artist with a philosophy education has always gone smoothly, sometimes unpredictably and at the same time colorfully. After graduating from university, she tried her hand at a 9-5 internship but quickly realized that the corporate world was not for her. Deciding to align her career with her talents and values, she began as a freelance designer. This decision allowed her to escape the monotony of office life and pursue a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

Homo Bohemian, her company, was born out of her love of scribbling with a black ink pen. Friends and acquaintances often remarked that her intricate drawings make stunning tattoos. That feedback sparked an idea, and when Maria stumbled upon a website specializing in tattoo contests, she knew she had found her niche. Winning her first race was rookie luck, but it set her on a path of continued opportunity and success.

When choosing a business name, Maria has said that it is often the most difficult, but at the same time, it can sometimes be unexpectedly simple. Namely, her chance meeting with an old classmate, who called her a “bohemian person”, from which the name of the company was born. Although she occasionally regrets the “homo” part of the name, it remains a part of her and a fitting tribute to her free-spirited and unconventional approach to life and work.

Depth, Meaning And Client Connections

Gravitating toward spiritual, mythological, and symbolic themes. A unique perspective adds depth and meaning to her designs, making each piece a personal and profound statement for her clients. This philosophical influence sets her work apart from the competition in tattoo and illustration art and highlights the incredible talent and dedication of the subject.

The first clients found her through the freelance platform 99designs, where she presented her art and participated in various competitions. Over time, her unique style and dedication have helped her build a strong portfolio and attract a steady stream of direct clients. According to the business, it took about a year of hard work and refinement before he could enjoy constant commissions.

The Estonian Advantage

Maria said that one of the most critical decisions on her journey was to start her own business in Estonia through the e-Residency program. This innovative program allowed her to run her business entirely online without the need to be physically present in Estonia. It gave her the credibility and structure she needed as a freelancer while allowing her to maintain the nomadic lifestyle she loves most.

Estonia’s forward-looking approach to digital services fits perfectly with its needs and perspectives as a digital nomad. According to Maria, the convenience of running her business anywhere in the world with the support of a reliable service provider has made her entrepreneurial journey smooth and stress-free, unlike before. While she admits that banking can sometimes be challenging, online payment platforms have proven to be sufficient for her freelance operations.

Managing her Estonian company through e-Residency has been satisfying for her today because she can simultaneously focus on the company’s development and not on bureaucracy. Also, enjoying the realization of her client’s visions and their gratitude and positive reviews keeps her motivated. She is currently focusing on mastering social media marketing to expand her audience and reach more art lovers worldwide.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, she encourages global entrepreneurs to start their journey with Estonia’s e-Residency program precisely because Estonia provides the flexibility to run an EU company regardless of location. The digital company she opened through the Estonian e-Residency program has not only made her work life more efficient but also allowed her to explore the world, creating art in the most inspiring places.

With the soul of an artist, Maria’s journey as a digital nomad and freelance designer is a testament to the power of following your passion and the possibilities of combining creativity and entrepreneurship. Her story inspires everyone who dreams of a life where work and adventure go hand in hand and where there are no boundaries.

To witness Maria’s artistic journey and collaborate with her, follow Homo Bohemian on Instagram or invite to work through 99designs.