Making Business Dreams a Reality: Passion to Success

We have already talked about how “SuccessHub ” encourages entrepreneurs not to stay still, and to take advantage of the alternatives in order to keep up and discover new opportunities.  Starting a formation of a company in Estonia using the e-Residency is a different approach to the remote business model, which could stimulate business flexibility – a value that in indisputably important in the face of today’s situation and incoming crisis.

Francis Perrier-Morin, the Founder and CEO of Negotio Exports recognizes that the COVID-19 has impacted his business in terms of finding viable clients. According to him, most businesses are seeing a steep decline in demand for their products and less willing to export. Francis says that the e-Residency program has allowed him to continue to help these clients through this time. Meanwhile, he was able to do the administrative obligations for his firm remotely, which is also ideal for entrepreneurs who need to travel a lot for business.

Turning the Passion to a Successful Business

Negotio Exports is an Export Management Company that assists European and UK food and beverages SME’s export to Asia and South East Asia. It is a full-service firm, which translates into offering clients with a great range of retailers and distributors, as well as overseeing the entire export process.

Francis started his business out of a passion for international trade and international business. Likewise, he thoroughly enjoys sourcing high-quality manufacturers, and design an appropriate market entry strategy for their products and target consumers.

Canadian entrepreneur chose to start a business in Estonia due to the ease of starting and incorporating a business remotely. As well as the clear and business-friendly commercial law. The ease of incorporating a business and clear tax laws make it very attractive for foreign nationals to set up a business remotely and sign documents without the need to be in Estonia physically.

Also, according to the Founder and CEO of Negotio Exports, SuccessHub has been a great help to incorporate his business, to navigate the tax process and all the legal concerns he had. Entrepreneur states that SuccessHub has provided him with a wealth of knowledge with regard to possible future issues and how best to avoid them.

Francis remembers that his business incorporation process was very easy thanks to SuccessHub and all the help, as it seems, the company truly cares about the customers and that is what makes the difference, in his opinion, between the SuccessHub and the competitors.

Overcoming the Challenges

Despite the successful upbringing of his business, the entrepreneur accepts that he also faces some challenges while running the business in Estonia. On the biggest challenge was to navigate the EU commercial law that pertains to Agents and their obligations and export regulation. Francis was able to overcome this by partnering with SuccessHub, a great resource of attorneys and accountants that answer even the simplest question that an entrepreneur might have.

For the other entrepreneurs who would like to start their own business in Estonia, Francis advises making sure to understand the product/service and what is the company’s competitive advantage to the fullest.

While himself he truly understands the cash flow issues that most entrepreneurs face when starting a business, he would also suggest being willing to pay for law and accountancy services rather than try and do it yourself. Likewise, the business owner suggests doing due diligence when partnering with a law firm or accountancy firm as they are vital for all entrepreneurs. And, for any starting entrepreneur in Estonia, he would highly recommend SuccessHub as the provider of quality services at a great price, while truly caring about making your business a success.