TOKYO, November 28, 18.00 – Paperless Digital Business World

Borderless and location-free entrepreneurship, is this something for you?

You are invited to discover the world of digital entrepreneurship in the EU and immerse yourself in the dynamics of the Estonian startup ecosystem. At this event, we will share knowledge about how important the digital world is in today’s society and how to take advantage of it, share knowledge about the e-Residency program, introduce digital and paperless company remote management and create a platform for international cooperation.

Join us at Tokyo WeWork Iceberg with Oliver Ait – Estonian business and investment advisor in Tokyo, Fariza Abidova – Co-founder and CEO of Trusted Corporation, Hideharu Nakano – Representative of Estonian company HUUM in Japan, Hiroyuki ANNO Estonian e-resident, Vijayalakshmi Karuppasamymi – Co-founder and CEO of FOX Academy and Angela Ventsel – founder and CEO of e-residency service provider estx. This event is a good opportunity to understand why it is important to know and use the digital world and its possibilities. Also, how is it possible to do business without borders, regardless of location, and this through the experience story of an Estonian e-resident and the representative of an Estonian company in Japan.


The e-Residency event in Tokyo provides participants with a distinctive chance to connect not only with Estonian e-residents and representatives of Estonian companies, including the Estonian Embassy in Tokyo, but also with a diverse group of international entrepreneurs. This event serves as a dynamic platform for exchanging ideas, sharing business insights, and strategizing for future collaborative projects.

Estonian E-Resident In Japan

“I was looking for European business expansion through the Estonian e-Residency program. Namely, I founded my company online, bypassing the need to be physically in Estonia (living in Tokyo), which was especially useful during the pandemic-related travel disruptions. In my experience, Estonia stands out precisely because of its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and user-friendly digital approach, eliminating paperwork and language barriers to make the experience smooth, unlike possible challenges in other regions.”

Hiroyuki ANNO
e-resident of Estonia

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WeWork Iceberg

1F, 6 Chome-12-18 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan


The event is hosted by the e-Residency service provider estx.

Discover the boundless opportunities of e-Residency and unlock a world of global entrepreneurship.