BARCELONA, May 7, 17.30 – Estonian e-Residency – Digital Entrepreneurship

Completely digital and paperless EU business

Embark on exploring digital entrepreneurship, where convenience and flexibility intersect, courtesy of the Estonian e-Residency initiative. This unique platform empowers you to establish and manage a company within the EU entirely through digital channels, eliminating the need for traditional paper documentation. Simplified operations, global accessibility, and eradicating bureaucratic obstacles characterize the advantages awaiting you with Estonian e-Residency.

Are you dreaming of a global lifestyle or seeking to lay down roots in Spain? The Estonian e-Residency program presents an opportunity to pursue both aspirations. Whether you aspire to expand your business or revel in the freedoms of the digital era, this program caters to your desires.

Advantages of Estonian e-Residency? Find out about our previous Barcelona event in the video

If you’re currently an e-resident or curious about the program’s potential, this event is your gateway to broadening your network and participating in enlightening discussions with e-Residency specialists and fellow entrepreneurs. Embrace the chance to absorb insights, raise queries, and nurture valuable relationships with global partners and collaborators.

Join us on May 7th betahaus | Barcelona to an enlightening event with the participation of the estx team, an Estonian tax advisor, Estonian e-residents, startups, innovators and business enthusiasts.


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Arrival and Afterwork Networking
Paperless Business – Digital Opportunities in Estonia / Linda Uldrich
Estonian-Spain Tax System, Streamlined Entrepreneur Solutions /  Tax Adviser
A Digital Journey to Success / Estonian e-resident
Connect, Network and Enjoy

Estonian e-Resident In Spain

„For many entrepreneurs in Europe, opening a business often takes only a day. Easy. From there on, your success depends entirely on you. However, that wasn’t my case, as I am sure it isn’t for a lot of other people. I had my social network developed at 90%, almost ready to be deployed, and didn’t have the legal status to be able to open a company in my name, despite having an EU residence. Until I found out about the e-Residency program. The whole process was so easy and efficient that in the beginning it was hard to believe. In a matter of couple of months I had my e-Residency card, my company was found, and I was ready to launch my first platform. What can I say about e-Residency? I feel grateful towards Estonian people for making it happen and I am excited to be a part of the e-Residency startup ecosystem.“


Gabriel Betancourt Carrasco

e-resident of Estonia / Petme

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The e-Residency Marketplace trusted service provider estx hosts the event.