estx and e-Residency Supports Ukrainian

Estx proudly partners in an e-Residency campaign to Empower Ukrainian entrepreneurs during challenging times for their nation.

On 6 April, e-Residency officially launched a new offer to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs financially. Ukrainian citizens who are granted e-Residency and register their first company in Estonia using an eligible business service provider will be reimbursed their set-up fees.

E-Residency Launched an Offer for Ukrainian

E-Residency has launched a state fee reimbursement offer to financially support Ukrainian entrepreneurs, help them deal with the consequences of war, and promote the development of the Ukrainian and Estonian economies. E-⁠Residency will reimburse the state fee for the e-⁠Residency application and participating service providers will reimburse the state fee for registering a company in Estonia to those eligible.

You're Eligible to Take up this Offer if You Meet the Following Criteria

  • You are a citizen of Ukraine
  • You have been granted e-⁠Residency status on or after February 24, 2022
  • You have been accepted as a client by an eligible business service provider 
  • You do not own a company registered in Estonia or have control over (including being a member of a company’s Board or a shareholder) any other Estonian registered company or companies before February 24, 2022

The Reimbursement Process Works as Follows

  • Apply for e-⁠Residency, pay the application fee, and collect your digital ID card. 
  • Choose us as an eligible business service provider.
  • Fill out our customer form on the website and we register your company in Estonia.
  • We will reimburse you the state fees for both e-⁠Residency and company registration.

If you have more questions about the campaign and support, please contact us at

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