estx will continue to support Ukrainian e-residents in 2024

Estonia’s strong relations with Ukraine have been formed not only based on historical ties but also on shared values and goals. Estx continues to support the reconstruction of Ukraine and contribute to entrepreneurship development. In addition, Estonia is committed to supporting the entrepreneurial ambitions of Ukrainian citizens by being available to e-residents of Ukraine who wish to open their digital businesses in Estonia. Such support and practical assistance show the commitment of Estonia and Estonia to multifaceted cooperation with Ukraine and contribute to the economic and social development of both countries.

Estonian E-residency: a bridge to Ukraine

Estonian e-Residency acts as an important bridge, opening new opportunities for Ukrainian e-residents. Through this, Ukrainian entrepreneurs and individuals can easily use Estonian digital services, thereby creating a favorable environment for business development and international cooperation.

Through e-Residency, Ukrainian entrepreneurs can enjoy the advantages of the Estonian business environment, including digital administration, e-services and banking. It not only facilitates international business, but also allows Ukrainian entrepreneurs to access the European Union market, promoting economic growth and cooperation between both countries.

estx contributes to e-residents of Ukraine

As a reliable service provider of e-Residency Marketplaces, Estx continues to actively support e-residents of Ukraine, offering them valuable resources and guidance to start their digital entrepreneurial journey in Estonia. Including covering the costs of establishing a digital company in Estonia, enabling Ukrainian e-residents to enter the European market affordably and encouraging economic cooperation between the two countries.

As a reliable e-Residency marketplace service provider, estx continues to actively support Ukraine’s e-residents by providing them with valuable resources and guidance to start the journey of digital entrepreneurship in Estonia, including covering the costs of establishing a digital company in Estonia, i.e., establishing a company in Estonia with €0 through Estonian e-Residency.

Creator of Human Touch and Entrepreneurial Opportunities - this is estx

For estx, the human touch is extremely important. The company’s mission is not only to support the implementation of entrepreneurial ideas of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, but also to create a platform that provides opportunities for diverse people. As it stands today, estx is committed to boosting Ukrainian entrepreneurship by opening the door for many people to realize their ideas, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In today’s situation, estx sees business in Ukraine as an opportunity not only to achieve economic success and build the country, but also to create social impact and new jobs. For estx, it is a pleasure to see how their support contributes to the betterment of the citizens of Ukraine, as well as diversity and innovation, carrying the belief that the opportunities given today can make the world a better place tomorrow.