BARCELONA, February 22, 18.00 -Estonia e-Residency – Digital Company

Fully Online, Borderless and Bureaucracy-Free EU Business with Estonian e-Residency

Discover the world of digital entrepreneurship while having comfort and flexibility through the Estonian e-Residency program. This unique opportunity allows you to create and manage a company in the EU, all completely digitally and paperless, without having to store any documents on paper. Simplicity, borderless access, fully online and paperless company management are just some of the advantages you can enjoy with Estonian e-Residency.

Do you dream of a global lifestyle or do you want to establish firm roots in Spain? The Estonian e-Residency program offers the opportunity to do both. Whether you want to grow your business or simply enjoy digital freedom, this program is for you. 

Estonia’s e-Residency: What’s It About?

Estonian e-Residency is a program provided by the Estonian government, enabling non-Estonian residents to establish and manage an EU-based company online. It serves as Estonia’s digital identity program, allowing individuals to remotely establish and manage businesses by utilising the country’s digital infrastructure and leveraging international networking opportunities through a single ID-card.

Join us at betahaus | Barcelona for an enlightening event featuring Angela Ventsel (Founder and CEO of e-Residency service provider estx), Sergei Zunajev (Business Development Coordinator of e-Residency), Gabriel Betancourt Carrasco (Experienced e-resident and Founder / CEO of Petme) and Linda Uldrich (Spanish Market Representative of estx).

Whether you’re already an e-resident or interested in learning more about the program and its opportunities, this event provides the ideal opportunity to expand your network and engage in thought-provoking discussions with e-Residency experts and fellow entrepreneurs, seizing the opportunity to learn, ask questions, and forge meaningful relationships with international partners and collaborators.


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Arrival and Afterwork Networking
A Warm Welcome and Opening Remarks / Linda Uldrich
e-Residency In The Estonian Business Environment / Sergei Zunajev
Insights Into Digital Entrepreneurship / Angela Ventsel
First-Hand e-Residency Experience / Gabriel Betancourt Carrasco
Topic-Specific Expert-Led Discussions
Connect, Network and Enjoy

Estonian e-Resident In Spain

„For many entrepreneurs in Europe, opening a business often takes only a day. Easy. From there on, your success depends entirely on you. However, that wasn’t my case, as I am sure it isn’t for a lot of other people. I had my social network developed at 90%, almost ready to be deployed, and didn’t have the legal status to be able to open a company in my name, despite having an EU residence. Until I found out about the e-Residency program. The whole process was so easy and efficient that in the beginning it was hard to believe. In a matter of couple of months I had my e-Residency card, my company was found, and I was ready to launch my first platform. What can I say about e-Residency? I feel grateful towards Estonian people for making it happen and I am excited to be a part of the e-Residency startup ecosystem.“


Gabriel Betancourt Carrasco

e-resident of Estonia / Petme

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betahaus | BARCELONA

Carrer de Vilafranca, 7, Gràcia, 08024 Barcelona


The event is hosted by the e-Residency service provider estx.