Italian e-Resident: a Man With Many Hats

Marco is a man with many hats – at his younger age when he was 21 years old, he worked at an IT company as a project manager and system engineer which also offered him a chance to travel around the world. In 2005 he started his own business in Italy. It was a security company working together with law enforcement, they had one client who was Italian government but that made it hard to remain to stay alive because the fee was very poor.

2010 Marco closed his first company and started another new career.

From IT to a Police Officer

Marco jumped from the private sector to the public sector, from project manager and system engineer career to become a police officer. Marco says “ it is stable income for me and even though it is my main job it gives me the opportunity to develop myself in other fields, for example, I studied to become a helicopter instructor.”

Even though it looks very big and different change Marco says that actually, he has to use a lot of his past experience and knowledge on his work. “Most of my jobs have always been connected with one thing – communication,” says Marco.

In Estonia, to become a police officer you have to go to school and study a while for that, which makes that kind of switch very difficult. Was it easy for you to switch your job specialty like that? Marco says that it wasn’t “you know when you are young it’s easy to learn new things, but getting older it’s not that easy anymore. Yet I had a friend who already was a police officer and I also had to go to school to learn some new things and together with him I managed to become an officer.” He also thinks that being in the army has been a helpful experience for him that has been making his learning process easier.

Yet what Marco would say to others is that “if you need money or earn your every month’s paycheck, you are able to adapt quickly with everything.”

That's Not All...

Marco’s dream as a little kid was to become a jet pilot. “However I couldn’t do it,” he says. “I had to wear glasses and because of that I wasn’t allowed to work as a jet pilot for the army,” he adds. However, Marco can work as a helicopter instructor and is very happy with that opportunity too.

Marco is also a radio host for 21 years now but has he said, he likes to connect all his works to a one-word – communicator. “ I have also been a TV host at a younger age. So basically from a very young age, I started to communicate through my work until now even being a police officer it is a lot about communication,” he adds.

Setting Up a New Company with e-Residency

Marco has a consultancy company, where he works as a helicopter pilot instructor. He founded this company last year (2020) in Estonia, through e-Residency. “I also looked options in Italy, UK, and Malta but to be honest, Estonia looked so much easier to start with, ” he says and adds “in Italy, to start a company you have to be ready to pay 1000-5000 euros, in Estonia, it was a fixed fee and didn’t cost me more than 1000 euros everything included.”.

The fun fact is that Marco has never been to Estonia yet, which shows perfectly that becoming an e-resident you don’t have to be in Estonia or visit it.

As Marco is a helicopter instructor, he teaches how to fly with a helicopter but also provides a service if you want to check your helicopter’s condition during buying/selling. “Usually they are private owners or companies around Europe,” he says.

Where It All Started

Marco didn’t know much about Estonia until he had to find out where to register his company. “E-Residency marketplace event in Milano was actually a place where I met the SuccessHub team,” he remembers. “They introduced themselves and their company and from that, I had the connection right away because I knew it will take time to understand the culture and the system, SuccessHub has been there for me anytime I need them,” he believes.

"SuccessHub doesn’t send me many emails but when they do, it’s always so helpful for my business, last mail I remember was a reminder to do my annual report at the right time.”

But one fun fact that Marco is telling us is that every time he sees SuccessHub email in his mailbox, he knows he has to do something or that he has forgotten something and this email is a reminder. “SuccessHub doesn’t send me many emails but when they do, it’s always so helpful for my business, last mail I remember was a reminder to do my annual report at the right time,” he admits.

Read more about annual reports.

Marco says “if there wouldn’t be a pandemic, I would definitely have had already visited Estonia, I really like to travel and can not wait to taste the Estonian national food.” He also pointed out that Estonias digital success story has made everything so easy and clever, it has made a lot of processes very easy.