Tips for Establishing a Thriving Business

Estonia is a new digital haven for the business founders. The country is run like a tech startup, growing rapidly and thriving on innovation for solving critical pain points. Estonia has an advanced digital infrastructure with lots of digi-services complimenting it. For foreign founders, access to this ecosystem is enabled through a government-led initiative called the e-Residency program. The program allows non-residents to access digital services such as company formation, banking, payment processing, and taxation with the same ease as Estonian residents would.

Estonia’s e-resident population is growing at an ever-faster pace, attracting over 62,000 people from more than 160 countries who have so far established more than 10,000 new companies.

Ready! Set! Grow!

While forming a company can be done in a quick sprint, running a successful business is a marathon.  If you have your eyes set on growing a business in Estonia, you might find the easiest way to fast-track the program is through a qualified partner. The e-Residency Marketplace has listed several trusted service providers from which you can choose the one best suited for your specific needs.

Estx is soon one of them. A business development partner for e-residents on a path to founding a company. This is what we do.

We help entrepreneurs who have the ambition to become e-residents and establish a small or medium-sized company in Estonia to conveniently hit the ground running. We offer advice and support in legislation for registering and running a business, a 90-day development plan to achieve business and personal goals, and an international network of other founder e-residents to support you with various business skills that anyone may lack in the company. We thrive on the collaboration between entrepreneurial minds and diversity that comes with them.

The Secret Sauce

We start with the “Why?” – Do you have export goals? Are you looking to grow your team or develop a new product? Is it digitalization that you are after as a founder? We deep dive into your business and map out your growth paths, talent ambition and necessary network of partners to achieve these goals.

Once you have graduated, you will have developed a compass to navigate the business landscape, a boundless and borderless network of like-minded entrepreneurs, and a defined map of actions for your success.

At estx, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years of business management coupled with the diversity and international experience of our team.  We can’t wait to share it with you!