Ambitious Ukrainian: Be Your Own Boss

We interviewed NEES-ter Trade company CEO, Olga Parashchych. Olga tells us her story of how and why she started a global business as an e-resident.

About NEES-ter Trade Company

Wholesaler company NEES-ter Trade, buys merchandise from manufacturers and resells the goods to retailers. Olga says that they are focused on international trade of Ukrainian products to the EU and their vision is to make Ukraine a better place by helping Ukrainian entrepreneurs to reach the West markets and make the Balance Sheet significantly positive. She also mentions how this pandemic has an overall positive influence on the economy during COVID crisis.

Where It All Started

Olga’s first idea was to start the PhD programme in Economics in the UK. That would have meant for her as an international student a substantial outgoings. “I started to look at different options of fundings and to set up my own company,” says Olga. Before pandemic she was actually working in Polish company where she got good contacts with plenty of distribution companies all over the world. Finally the mentioned issues there encouraged to start her own business and be the author of her life.

Advice to Other Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

Well known thing is that people will most likely tell you, you are crazy if you will leave your safe job position as an employee and start to be an entrepreneur. On one hand they might be right. It is crazy, because it’s out of the comfort zone and it’s interesting. That doesn’t make it bad, right?

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs” – Farra Grej

Olga says “the first step is to realize your value in life and believe in yourself,” she continues “you can implement everything that is in your head!” and gives an example, “in my home country Ukraine some farmers started to grow medicinal herbs like calendula, valerian, mallow etc. Today they sell it successfully to the EU countries.” Olga likes to quote oftenly Farra Grej who said: “build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

So, Olga recommends to aspiring entrepreneurs that they should definitely try and work on their business plan. Enjoy the journey, because you will learn a lot of new things about yourself. Olga says  “by the way, the first steps were the easiest, for example registering a company in Estonia.”

Coming Through the Crisis with e-Residency Help

Olga says that she is actually grateful to her professor in Ternopil National Economic University who taught her that crisis is the golden opportunity to start a new business, because the fixed assets become relatively cheap, so there is an occasion to buy machinery, factory etc. In summary, during this current crisis, she was and still is concentrating on her customers needs. Olga says “I analysed what they needed before and what they might need now.” She adds “the world is changing all the time actually, it doesn’t matter if there is a crisis or not. You just have to go with the trends and needs.” She also thinks that what helped was the possibility to work from home, thanks to e-Residency it was even easier and more possible.

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More Women Should Become Entrepreneurs

Women have the advantages against men with their ability to concentrate and see the details more better. The devil is in the details which means it’s important but not just only that. Olga says:

“I think women are powerful and capable of anything if they just know what they want to do.”

“It’s not just the independents or money that drives them to entrepreneurship” she says and adds that “it should be their passion and vision to make an overall positive influence to yourself and to others.”

Tips for Other Entrepreneurs Who Would Like to Start Their Global Business

Olga says “Well first I would advise you not to do everything alone, if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to bounce with someone, contact SuccessHub. Angela Ventsel, SuccessHub CEO, helped me from the scratch with her excellent communication skills.” She continues “and of course, talk with other entrepreneurs as well, network with them. Most likely they have already been where you are so they know how to help you. But overall just read your contracts very carefully and be patient with your clients.”