estx will continue to support Ukrainian e-residents in 2024

Estonia’s strong relations with Ukraine have been formed not only based on historical ties but also on shared values and goals. Estx continues to support the reconstruction of Ukraine and contribute to entrepreneurship development. In addition, Estonia is committed to supporting the entrepreneurial ambitions of Ukrainian citizens by being available to e-residents of Ukraine who […]

A Japanese Woman’s Journey To Estonia

Every story begins with passion and courage to discover new lands. This is what happened to the Japanese woman Hikari Tanaka, who discovered and visited Estonia before, and only then did she get the key to Estonia’s digital country – Estonian e-Residency. The following story takes us through beautiful Estonian landscapes and explains how a […]

Ukrainian Sports Enthusiast To Entrepreneur

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of Oleg Komar’s remarkable journey from a sports boy to a successful entrepreneur. In this blog post, we delve deep into his biography, uncovering the roots of his entrepreneurial spirit, the experiences that shaped his path, and the exciting decision to become an e-resident of Estonia. Get ready to be […]

7 Essential Steps for Filing an Annual Report

The annual obligation of all companies operating in Estonia is to submit an annual report to the Commercial Register on their completed period of operation no later than six months after the end of the financial year, which must comply with the form established by law. Undertakings whose financial year runs from 1 January to […]

A Guide to Keeping Your Finances in Order

As an e-resident keeping order in the complex nature of cross-border taxation might be a little challenging. For that, you might require some legal assistance to asses where you need to pay your taxes. In some cases, it might be more than just one country, here can help tax treaties. Many countries have entered into […]

Why Are Companies Registered in Estonia

Estonia is the first country in the world that offers foreign citizens the opportunity to participate in the e-services of its advanced digital country as an e-resident and to establish a European Union company 100% remotely and regardless of location. And for 8 years already! The e-Residency program is the business card of Estonia as […]

estx and e-Residency Supports Ukrainian

Estx proudly partners in an e-Residency campaign to Empower Ukrainian entrepreneurs during challenging times for their nation. On 6 April, e-Residency officially launched a new offer to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs financially. Ukrainian citizens who are granted e-Residency and register their first company in Estonia using an eligible business service provider will be reimbursed their set-up […]

Why Did We Rebrand SuccessHub to estx

“Our brand does not represent who we are today and what we do.” That was the point we had reached. We had to think ahead and change our brand so that new opportunities could come our way. Let’s Start With estx from the Beginning Our journey rooted in our genuine admiration for Estonia and our […]

Italian e-Resident: a Man With Many Hats

Marco is a man with many hats – at his younger age when he was 21 years old, he worked at an IT company as a project manager and system engineer which also offered him a chance to travel around the world. In 2005 he started his own business in Italy. It was a security […]

From Japanese Freelancer to Entrepreneur

Emi was a freelancer in Japan for years. For a while it was okay to work with other teams as a freelancer yet at one point it was not enough anymore. During this covid time, it was like a sign that something she loves to do was in such a demand – websites, E-Commerce, digital […]