SEMINARIO WEB | Sistema Fiscal Estonia-España 1ro de Agosto | 11 am

¿Quieres orientarte mejor en el Sistema Fiscal Español siendo al mismo tiempo un E-Residente de Estonia? ¡Descubramos juntos cómo crecer globalmente sin importar tu ubicación! Como emprendedores globales, queremos comprender todos los aspectos que nos ayudan a  administrar nuestro negocio con éxito. Una de las áreas más complejas y a menudo desalentadoras es navegar por […]

MADRID, July 9, 19.00 – estx #eResidency Rooftop Meetup

Digitally operated paperless EU company Unlock the future of business with the Estonian e-Residency program. This innovative initiative lets you establish and manage an EU-based company entirely online, eliminating the need for traditional paperwork. Enjoy the benefits of global reach, simplified operations, and removing bureaucratic barriers. Whether you’re dreaming of a global lifestyle or setting […]

Ukrainian Artist’s Nomadic Design Life

Meet Maria, a Ukrainian visual artist whose passion for art and adventure has led her on an extraordinary journey across Central America as a digital nomad. For the past eight years, Maria has been living her dream, creating beautiful custom tattoo designs and hand-drawn illustrations while embracing the freedom of a location-independent lifestyle. The Birth […]

BARCELONA, May 7, 17.30 – Estonian e-Residency – Digital Entrepreneurship

Completely digital and paperless EU business Embark on exploring digital entrepreneurship, where convenience and flexibility intersect, courtesy of the Estonian e-Residency initiative. This unique platform empowers you to establish and manage a company within the EU entirely through digital channels, eliminating the need for traditional paper documentation. Simplified operations, global accessibility, and eradicating bureaucratic obstacles […]

E-residents, it’s time to submit your company’s annual report!

Every company must submit a report to the business register six months after the end of the financial year—even if there is no active business activity. The report’s Timely submission is important for both the entrepreneur and the state. Report Submission and Action Timing The report should be submitted to the commercial register within six […]

BARCELONA, February 22, 18.00 -Estonia e-Residency – Digital Company

Fully Online, Borderless and Bureaucracy-Free EU Business with Estonian e-Residency Discover the world of digital entrepreneurship while having comfort and flexibility through the Estonian e-Residency program. This unique opportunity allows you to create and manage a company in the EU, all completely digitally and paperless, without having to store any documents on paper. Simplicity, borderless […]

HOKKAIDO, January 31, 9.00 – Global Growth Network with Estonia

Are you a startup, entrepreneur or business enthusiast? If, as an entrepreneur and startup, you see a broader picture and the opportunity to build your company paperless while living a global life or in Japan or you want to move to the EU market, Estonian e-Residency is exactly what opens the doors to the international […]

estx will continue to support Ukrainian e-residents in 2024

Estonia’s strong relations with Ukraine have been formed not only based on historical ties but also on shared values and goals. Estx continues to support the reconstruction of Ukraine and contribute to entrepreneurship development. In addition, Estonia is committed to supporting the entrepreneurial ambitions of Ukrainian citizens by being available to e-residents of Ukraine who […]

A Japanese Woman’s Journey To Estonia

Every story begins with passion and courage to discover new lands. This is what happened to the Japanese woman Hikari Tanaka, who discovered and visited Estonia before, and only then did she get the key to Estonia’s digital country – Estonian e-Residency. The following story takes us through beautiful Estonian landscapes and explains how a […]

7 Essential Steps for Filing an Annual Report

The annual obligation of all companies operating in Estonia is to submit an annual report to the Commercial Register on their completed period of operation no later than six months after the end of the financial year, which must comply with the form established by law. Undertakings whose financial year runs from 1 January to […]