7 Essential Steps for Filing an Annual Report

The annual obligation of all companies operating in Estonia is to submit an annual report to the Commercial Register on their completed period of operation no later than six months after the end of the financial year, which must comply with the form established by law. Undertakings whose financial year runs from 1 January to […]

estx and e-Residency Supports Ukrainian

Estx proudly partners in an e-Residency campaign to Empower Ukrainian entrepreneurs during challenging times for their nation. On 6 April, e-Residency officially launched a new offer to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs financially. Ukrainian citizens who are granted e-Residency and register their first company in Estonia using an eligible business service provider will be reimbursed their set-up […]

Why Did We Rebrand SuccessHub to estx

“Our brand does not represent who we are today and what we do.” That was the point we had reached. We had to think ahead and change our brand so that new opportunities could come our way. Let’s Start With estx from the Beginning Our journey rooted in our genuine admiration for Estonia and our […]

Event: Borderless Business in the EU – May 2, 18:00, Milan

Join Our e-Residency Event and Find Out How You Can: Become an e-resident of Estonia and apply for your ID card Register an EU company online within 2 days Pay taxes online and reduce bureaucracy Pay and get paid using convenient online banking tools Grow globally and manage a company remotely from anywhere in the […]

Italian e-Resident: a Man With Many Hats

Marco is a man with many hats – at his younger age when he was 21 years old, he worked at an IT company as a project manager and system engineer which also offered him a chance to travel around the world. In 2005 he started his own business in Italy. It was a security […]

From Japanese Freelancer to Entrepreneur

Emi was a freelancer in Japan for years. For a while it was okay to work with other teams as a freelancer yet at one point it was not enough anymore. During this covid time, it was like a sign that something she loves to do was in such a demand – websites, E-Commerce, digital […]

Ambitious Ukrainian: Be Your Own Boss

We interviewed NEES-ter Trade company CEO, Olga Parashchych. Olga tells us her story of how and why she started a global business as an e-resident. About NEES-ter Trade Company Wholesaler company NEES-ter Trade, buys merchandise from manufacturers and resells the goods to retailers. Olga says that they are focused on international trade of Ukrainian products to […]

Italian and Korean Women: Joint Venture

Starting a business abroad is similar in nature to starting a business at home – you need a proper business idea and business plan. Unlike other countries, setting up a company in Estonia is easier, bureaucracy free and it is possible to run a company without leaving the host country. Regardless of the location, two […]

A New Zealander’s Perspective on Innovation

We are passionate about sharing our customers success stories and write about their challenges and tips while setting up a business in Estonia.  Starting a formation of a company in Estonia using the e-Residency is a different approach to the remote business model, which could stimulate business flexibility – a value that is indisputably important […]

Unleashing Global Entrepreneurship: e-Residency

Due to the COVID-19, the sudden change in the rhythm of social as well as professional life is a challenge for all of us. For those who have their own business, it may look like that everything around has stopped and soon the business will come to a standstill. However, SuccessHub encourages entrepreneurs not to stay still […]